Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas photo session

We had great fun working with Tony and Mona on our new Maury Place holiday pictures. I attempted to scale back my usual holiday decor to keep it elegant and understated. As our friend Janet told me many years ago, "You don't have to put it ALL out, Jeff!" Maybe next year my Santa collection or my Dickens Village houses will come out! My mom created a collector in me! This year, her Lenox Holiday china and nutcracker collection she gave me over the years have been much enjoyed by our guests!

Mona and Tony were also very patient in working with our inn dogs Chico and Lucy. We did use the temptation of treats to get them to stand alertly at the front door, which is one of their favorite viewing spots! As you can see, near the end of our family photo session, Lucy decided she had had enough! She wandered out of the picture, but we were able to coax her back into the frame by permitting her to sit in the chair. She hopped in and then promptly curled up to go to sleep! She's over the Christmas thing, I think!