Saturday, December 27, 2008

Richmond's Carytown #9 Best Neighborhood for Shopping

Happy Holidays Everyone! The year is starting off on a high note of great publicity for nearby Carytown. As noted in this week's Richmond Style Magazine, the January issue of Southern Living notes that their reader's poll has chosen our own Carytown in Richmond, Virginia as #9 on their list of the ten Best Neighborhoods For Shopping! Carytown is even ranked ahead of Georgetown, which is #10. We are very grateful for the support of Carytown merchants, and we send guests to Carytown for a unique shopping experience whenever we can. We have recently joined with the other Richmond B&B's (The Grace Manor Inn, The Museum District Bed and Breakfast, and The William Miller House) to offer our guests a special Carytown shopping package. (Check out our joint website at With a card from one of our establishments during their stay with us, our guests can get 10% off their purchases from participating merchants. With the successful Carytown New Year's Eve event ahead, we wish Carytown merchants all the best for a successful 2009. By the way, we also highly recommend the new book, "Celebrating the Byrd Theatre," available at Murphies and other locations in Carytown for $29.95. We bought one for Maury Place and a couple for Christmas presents. This glossy book is full of wonderful stories and photos of Carytown and the Byrd Theatre. Proceeds from book sales benefit this Carytown jewel--Richmond's Landmark Movie Palace!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis the Season to be busy!

We are very grateful that we have had two successive weekends with a full house! Thank you all for your support! We have hosted many parents and grandparents of neighbors in the Museum District, and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and their extended families better. We have already hosted our first newlyweds, and just this weekend we hosted our first couple celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!! They were a most charming pair, and it was a true pleasure to meet them and to hear about their courtship and marriage right here in Richmond. They were truly inspirational.
On the practical side, I have learned the value of garnishing the breakfast plates. A colorful plate is a pleasing plate! Thank you to my friend Ann for helping me with creative garnishing. Sprigs from a huge rosemary bush in our backyard have come in very handy for this purpose. Also, cherry tomatoes, choppped peppers of all colors, strawberries, grapes, and even fresh currants (in grocery stores now!) add festive color to any breakfast entree.
Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Christmas photo session

We had great fun working with Tony and Mona on our new Maury Place holiday pictures. I attempted to scale back my usual holiday decor to keep it elegant and understated. As our friend Janet told me many years ago, "You don't have to put it ALL out, Jeff!" Maybe next year my Santa collection or my Dickens Village houses will come out! My mom created a collector in me! This year, her Lenox Holiday china and nutcracker collection she gave me over the years have been much enjoyed by our guests!

Mona and Tony were also very patient in working with our inn dogs Chico and Lucy. We did use the temptation of treats to get them to stand alertly at the front door, which is one of their favorite viewing spots! As you can see, near the end of our family photo session, Lucy decided she had had enough! She wandered out of the picture, but we were able to coax her back into the frame by permitting her to sit in the chair. She hopped in and then promptly curled up to go to sleep! She's over the Christmas thing, I think!