Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maury Place Innkeepers Travel to Guatemala!

Mac and I will be traveling to Guatemala next week to visit various mission organizations that we support there. We also will be lodging at bed and breakfasts in Guatemala City and Antigua. Mac has traveled to Guatemala three times, but this will be my first visit! It will be an exciting adventure, I am sure! We are told that the climate will be in the high 70's to mid-80's with little or no rain-- not bad for February! We will be visiting various indigenous organizations that assist those who are most in need by providing support for small businesses and education for children. We will also have a vacation day in the tourist city of Antigua-- I am told the shopping is great there! Perhaps we will bring back some special coffee for our Maury Place breakfasts!

While we are in Guatemala, our two Inn Dogs, Chico and Lucy, will be well cared for. They have reservations at the luxury accomodations at Holiday Barn in Richmond.

Maury Place is closed for the week we are traveling in Guatemala, but we do have an assistant innkeeper who will be checking voice mail and e-mail. If you want to make reservations, or have questions do not hesitate to call (804) 353-2717 or contact us by e-mail.