Friday, February 13, 2009

Maury Place Preserves Richmond History

One interesting aspect of Maury Place is that it is protected by 13 pages of historic easements-- restrictions placed on the deed-- that limit any changes that can be made to the property. These easements protect Maury Place from any future owner renovating the property in such a way as to affect its historic value. What this means is that all major features-- architectural details, floorplan layout, and such-- future generations will see Maury Place as it was when it was built in 1916. These restrictions were put in place by the previous owners, respected members of Richmond's historic preservation community, and are overseen by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

The easements on our property are unusual because they are generally more detailed than most. Woodwork, mantels, doors, and many specific light fixtures are protected.
Our situation is very special not only because of the strength of its historic protections, but also because so many people are able to enjoy this history. The grand style and elegance of Maury Place is not just for our private enjoyment, but also for the enjoyment of every guest.

We have accomplished this historic preservation while incorporating all the modern amenities that you expect in a luxury Bed and Breakfast. We features all private baths, individual room climate controls, flat screen TV's, wireless internet, and many other wonderful amenities.

We love the fact that we can preserve this great home, and pass on the history of Maury Place and the great Matthew Fontaine Maury after whom our property is named. Come see this wonderful Historic B&B for yourself. We hope to see you soon!