Monday, May 11, 2009

Translation from Portuguese to English

We had a very successful day yesterday, Mother's Day, May 10. We were one of the homes on the Museum District's annual house tour, and 650 people visited Maury Place! It was a gorgeous day here--perfect for strolling in the neighborhood. Thank you to all of the volunteers and visitors who made yesterday's event so special. In anticipation of the tour, we have been researching the translation of a small plaque that is on an exterior wall in our garden. We have some vague notion of what it means, but if anyone out there speaks Portuguese, we would be grateful for your assistance in providing a definitive translation. Here is what it says:
"Futuro e esperanca
O presente realidade
O passado uma lembranca
Mutas vezes e saudade."
Anyone know what it means? We would be most grateful for your assistance!