Sunday, July 26, 2009

Historic Maury Place Mailbox

On the front page of Saturday's Washington Post was an article that caught our attention: The US Postal service, due to sharply reduced mail volume, is removing a lot of postal boxes around the country. They indicate that if a box has less than 25 pieces mailed per day, it is in danger of being removed. (One small Maine town defended its mailbox by blocking removal with the town's snowplow!)

This article spells trouble to us, because at our corner we have -- not an ordinary (ugly) postal box-- but an historic postal box as shown in this picture with Mac. Twice in the past 10 years, the post office has tried to remove this postal box. The prior owners of Maury Place had to write their US congressperson because the post office was removing the box due to low volume of mail. More recently, the box was damaged, and the post office removed it, saying they could not repair it. When they insisted the box would not be returned, Mac and Jeff also wrote their congressperson, then took the box and repaired it at their expense.

This wonderful mailbox, freshly painted, still stands today serving our neighborhood. We hope to continue to work with our friends at the US Postal service to keep it where it belongs!