Monday, October 5, 2009

Chico the Maury Place Inn Dog

Our smallest and youngest Maury Place Inn Dog is Chico, a four year old terrier mix weighing just 13 pounds. ( I tell people Chico is "like a dog, but smaller.") We found Chico at the SPCA in Rockbridge County, Virginia in 2006. After Jeff saw Chico's picture on the SPCA website, we visted the SPCA to check him out. The first thing Chico did is to greet Jeff by licking him on the nose, thus sealing the deal.

Chico is a bundle of energy, living every moment with enthusiasm. Well behaved and affectionate, Chico cheerfully supervises the B&B, and loves to meet new people. A favorite activity is to take long walks down Monument Avenue, striding with a proud strut that belies his small stature.

Chico adores his big sister Lucy, and often can be found cuddled up next to her in bed. Other times, Chico will mimic Lucy by sleeping in an identical posture, in what we call "synchronized napping".

Often Jeff an I will comment that there is a lot we can learn from Chico's enthusiastic embrace of each moment, and we should try to "live a little more like Chico".