Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maury Place Winter Storm Watch

Richmond Virginia has been turned into a winter wonderland by 10 inches of fresh snow.  The picture to the right is a night time picture of our back yard taken by our neighbor.  

Mac and Herb spent all morning yesterday shoveling snow from our parking area and sidewalks, so we are not missing a beat.  Herb and his wife Christine are both employees at Maury Place, having recently moved down to Richmond from Maine.  Snow shovel in hand, Herb commented, "I thought we came down here to get away from this stuff!".

This is the time of year our guests can really enjoy our 6 gas fireplaces, hot tub, and warm hospitality. 

And if you are a Virginia resident who is snowbound and can't do your Christmas shopping, consider a Maury Place gift card.  You can purchase a Maury Place Gift Certificate online, and print it at home or have us mail it to you!  And stay tuned to our website and blog, as we will be posting new winter specials and Valentine Day specials in the next couple of days.