Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oscar Night is Coming this Sunday!

As readers of this blog and most of my closest friends know, I am a movie FREAK!!  Mac is less so.  Poor Mac.  I have made him sit through Gone With the Wind, Funny Girl, The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, A Man for All Seasons and many other Hollywood classics because he has never seen them!  Oddly, his Mom and sister both appreciate classic movies, but somehow Mac did not get that gene!  He has been a trouper, however, in permitting me to "educate" him on Hollywood!  Fun factoid:  one of Mac's FAVORITE movies of all time is The Sound of Music!  Now his next favorite is The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Go figure.  He is also a big Clint Eastwood fan, so he would likely say that Unforgiven is one of his favorite Best Picture winners, but he also has a soft spot for Shakespeare In Love--as do I--because we were both captivated by it on a New Year's Eve several years ago, which happens to be the anniversary of our union ceremony in 1999 and our  marriage in Boston this past New Year's.   I would have to say that my favorite Best Picture winner is probably West Side Story! Now, as for this year's Oscars!  We have seen most--but not all--of the Best Picture nominees.  I think Mac would say his favorite of those we have seen is District 9, which in my humble opinion has little chance of winning.  I would have to say my favorite movie we saw this year was Up In The Air.  We both liked Avatar, which I think will be the likely winner.  The Hurt Locker seems to be coming on strong, but we both thought it was flawed. In any case, cast your vote for your Best Picture winner in our Maury Place poll, which is on our blog page.  As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I LOVED Julie and Julia because it had such heart.  I would love to see Meryl Streep win another Oscar for playing Julia Child.  Oscar memories will be made this Sunday night!  Book a room at Maury Place on Oscar night and take advantage of our Oscar special!  We will declare a winner of our Oscar trivia quiz at breakfast on Monday morning!

And if you really want to enjoy the Oscars... check out our Oscar Night Special and enjoy the Academy Awards in HD in your luxury suite at Maury Place!