Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mac is the only one really "working" at Maury Place today, while the rest of us are onlookers. Mac has shovel duty.  We keep an eye on him from inside, and we say things like "bless your heart," and "don't work too hard, Mac," and "don't overdo it," but we don't offer to trade duties, and we say those words to him as he's heading outside to shovel snow again, as we close the door behind him, firmly inside, watching Mac work.

In here, we've just finished serving breakfast and refreshing guest rooms. We had a practice session on making breakfast wraps. The morning fires are still going downstairs, and after lunch, we will begin choosing books to read this afternoon. (Several books I've intended to read for some time!) And there's a steady supply of hot chocolate, coffee, teas, and snacks to hold us all afternoon and evening.  We have three snowbound guests at Maury Place - two by car, and one by plane. They're uncertain if they'll be able to go anywhere. There's always angst about being snowbound. But then we have to remind each other, what's not to love about a nice fire, a good book, and a cup of hot chocolate? And Mac does the shoveling?

I can't help but feel bad for Mac. He landed the winter's shovel duty. Who would have dreamed we'd have three winter storms, 10 inches of snow each time? In Richmond, Virginia?  Yet, Mac has gone about and continues to go about his duty quietly and without complaint. He's been shoveling off and on since yesterday because he doesn't like to take the chance of somebody falling around here, and he doesn't like to get behind. He keeps the snow cleared so guests can come and go - from here, anyway!

He just came inside from the snow storm, announcing confidently, "I think it's gonna end soon." We all laughed and he ignored us. He still hasn't complained.