Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maury Place Green Lodging Partnership

Maury Place is now teaming up with Clean The World, an organization that works with green lodging partners to recycle soaps and shampoos.  Each day millions of pounds of soaps and shampoos are discarded by hotels and bed and breakfast inns after they have been partially used by guests.  Clean the World reconstitutes and recycles these products by sending them to third world countries, where they can be used to save lives.  Millions of deaths occur each year in impoverished nations from infectious diseases, a problem that can be greatly reduced by simple handwashing and hygiene.  Clean the World distributes soap and educational materials among impoverished countries and domestic homeless shelters to help reduce these needless deaths.

This new partnership is one of many things we do to be an eco-friendly B&B.  Maury Place has been certified as a Green Lodging under our state's "Virginia Green" program.