Sunday, March 14, 2010

We're Baaaaaaak!!

After an arduous journey home from Austin after attending the Professional Association of Innkeepers' conference, we are back at Maury Place!  Thunderstorms really worked some mayhem on the Atlanta Airport yesterday!  Mac and I continued to learn a lot on the final day of the conference.  Mac met with two of our website consultants and learned even more about how to improve our website.  Coming soon is a version of our Maury Place website that will be viewable on mobile hand held devices such as i-phones.  I attended some additional cooking classes on "Beyond the Valley of the Muffins" and  handy kitchen tools.  Being the shopper that I am, I of course worked the exhibitors area.   We purchased additional Maury Place coffee mugs, and I am VERY excited about serving our favorite Virginia Wines in our new Maury Place wine tumblers instead of stem wine glasses.  Very simple and elegant.  I also look forward to our Maury Place portable water bottles.  Of course, we are happy to provide bottled water to our guests, but as most of you know, the plastic water bottles are not good for our environment.  While we still will provide bottled water, we look forward to providing a "greener" more eco-friendly option.  Soon guests will have refillable Maury Place water bottles available for use throughout their stay--and they can take them home to use and to keep as a momento of their Maury Place visit.  We hope to have them available in three to four weeks.