Friday, April 2, 2010

'Radium Girls' at the Chamberlayne Actors Theater, Richmond

Among the April lineup of arts events for "Minds Wide Open," the Virginia celebration of women in the arts, are six performances of "Radium Girls" by the Chamberlayne Actors Theater through April 11. The work from Pulitzer-Prize nominated playright D.W. Gregory, is a story about a group of young women who worked for the U.S. Radium Corp. in the 1920's and eventually died from exposure. Director Amy Berlin calls it an uplifting story though, "these women took down a big company," she said. What's perhaps more dramatic is that nine actors portray 30 roles, there are more than two dozen scenes and twice that many lighting and sound cues. The play has been staged more than 80 times in theaters across the country and in Europe.

Performances are Friday-Saturday, April 2-3, 8pm. both nights; and 2:30 pm. Saturday.  Also April 8-10 at 8pm. and 2:30 pm. April 11.

 Read WCVE's John Porter review.