Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Equality Virginia Commonwealth Dinner Sponsored by Maury Place!

Maury Place Innkeepers Mac and myself, along with 5 of our Inn guests, attended this year's Equality Virginia Commonwealth Dinner Saturday Night. It was a spectacular evening with 850+ attending from throughout Virginia, highlighted by keynote speaker Andrew Sullivan.  The Commonwealth Dinner is an annual gala and dinner of Equality Virginia, an organization working for the equality of LGBT persons.  Andrew Sullivan, the popular writer for Atlantic Monthly and blogger of  The Daily Dish, spoke of the right of every LGBT person to dignity and civil equality.  This weekend's EV events also included a special tour of the newly re-opened Virginia Museum of Fine Arts., located just a half mile from Maury Place.

Mac and I are proud to support Equality Virginia, and hosted a table this year which included Mac's mom, my sister, neighbors, and friends. In addition, most of our guests this weekend were attendees of the Dinner.  Mac has served on the Equality Virginia board in the past, and his dealership has also been a sponsor.