Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens' Frabel exhibit another "glass" destination for Richmond, through January 10, 2011.

Since the Tiffany Exhibit opened on May 8 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, we've had guests at Maury Place every weekend who've come to Richmond specifically to see the exhibit, as well as local sites where there are Tiffany glass windows, such as St. Paul’s and St. James Episcopal Churches. The Valentine Museum even offers a bus tour to visit Tiffany glass venues.

But MP guests Diane and Len, here last weekend, had Lewis Ginter on their itinerary and returned from that visit calling the Hans Godo Fräbel exhibition another glass “must see.”

Created exclusively for Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, “Glorious Glass in the Garden” is an infusion of some 200 exquisite glass sculptures - some botanical, some whimsy, some otherwordly - among the flora and fauna of the gardens, creations by world-renowned flame-work artist Hans Godo Fräbel.

Several sculptures were made especially for Lewis Ginter Gardens, including a fountain sculpture of his notorious “Longfellows,” elongated figures with exaggerated extremities and stretched torsos. The new “High-Wheeling Longfellows” pays homage to Lewis Ginter's origins in the 1800’s as the Lakeside Wheel Club.

Cited as "one of Richmond's most-visited attractions," open year-round, Diane called Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens “the nicest” she has visited. After his initial visit, Fräbel is to have said the same. “Lewis Ginter is just a gorgeous botanical garden and I am proud and honored to showcase my work in this beautiful setting.”

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