Thursday, October 21, 2010

12 Hours in D.C.!


Mac and I decided to escape to Washington, D.C. for a day for a quick getaway.  We made it to Washington in exactly two hours.  

Yesterday was the Day of JeffWe went to see an exhibit that I have wanted to see for some time at the National Portrait Gallery:  "Telling Stories:  Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg."  The collection appeals to both my love of movies and the nostalgic Americana of Norman Rockwell's paintings.  It was a great exhibit, and we also enjoyed the short film with Spielberg and Lucas in which they discuss the works on display.  The exhibit will be on display through January 2.  Last night, we had dinner with Ann, a law school friend, at Poste, a French Brasserie directly across the street from the Portrait Gallery.

After indulging in a leisurely morning, today was the Day of MacWe had a breakfast of French Toast and Waffles and worked our way over to the National Mall.  From there, we went to the Air and Space Museum to see "Beyond:  Visions of Our Solar System."  Did I ever mention that "Star Wars" is Mac's favorite movie?  This exhibit features 148 rarely seen photos of moons, planets, and solar systems taken by various space crafts that we have launched into the heavens over the years.  The detail of the photos was truly amazing!  It also brought home that our little planet Earth is truly a speck in the greater cosmos!  That exhibit will be on display through May 2.

Mac Pence and Jeff Wells
your Richmond Virginia Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers at Maury Place at Monument