Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeff's Flock

By now, I've helped decorate Maury Place through a full cycle of "the seasons" since working here more than a year. I've watched Jeff unveil his Easter egg collection, helped hang (and unhang) countless of his ornament collection, admired his Nutrcracker collection, strategically placed his Halloween collection, teased him about his gourd and pumpkin collection, but I didn't remember from last Thanksgiving that he also has a turkey collection! And they're roosting all around the B&B.

He has turkey salt &pepper shakers, turkey tureens and a turkey gravy boat, turkey planters, a Wild Turkey whiskey decanter, a pinecone, cork, and metal turkeys, too.
Even after giving turkeys away, he says he "stopped counting at 75" in the remaining flock! There's nothing fancy about the collection, and they were inexpensive to buy - mainly made in Japan. The most he ever paid for a turkey was for the Wild Turkey decanter, which cost him, oh, "thirty bucks or so," he estimates.

Apparently his mother was responsible for the collector in him because everytime I ask what made him collect this or that, he begins with "well, my mother gave me..." the first set, or the first piece, or a box, that got him started.

But, he says he's stopped collecting now. Not entirely true, I submit. "Our" collection of scone, waffle, and pancake mixes has doubled in the past month!

Donna Weaver
your Richmond Virginia Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers at Maury Place at Monument