Friday, March 4, 2011

Holy Hotcakes!

I am participating in a men's group at our church, Richmond's Second Presbyterian Church, that is planning a pancake supper on Ash Wednesday, which is March 9.  Coincidentally, there was an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch yesterday about the tradition of church pancake suppers on Ash Wednesday.   Tuesday, March 8, is Shrove Tuesday, which is a time for confessing one's sins before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  According to Holly Prestidge's newspaper article, once upon a time, church bells rang to mark the beginning of the holiday and to call the faithful to church to confess their sins.  A housewife making pancakes ran out of the house in the middle of her preparations with her skillet in hand!  She was making pancakes because in the days before refrigeration, abstaining from dairy products during Lent meant you had to use up anything you had in the house so it would not spoil.  Eggs, cream, milk, butter--all had to be used up!  Housewives added a little flour, and voila! A pancake supper is born.  The Brits even call Tuesday Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday!  This will be our first Pancake Supper at Second Pres prepared by our men's group.  Wish us luck!

Mac Pence and Jeff Wells
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