Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maharaja in Richmond

Maharaja: Splendors of India's Great Kings

 Being located this close to the VMFA is just one of the perks of living in the Museum District of Richmond. Their exhibits change many times a year and it’s always been a fun treat for Maury Place to give our guests a heads up as to what’s coming next.

As we bid farewell to the splendid Mummy exhibit, we embrace the arrival of the Maharaja: The Splendors of India’s Great Kings exhibit opening May 21, 2012 through August 19, 2012. The exhibit is an international traveling affair featuring more than 200 historical objects, the majority of which are owned by the Victoria & Albert Museum of London. According to VMFA Director Alex Nygeres, Visitors will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the private lives of some of the world’s greatest and most legendary royals,” VMFA Director Alex Nyerges said. “Three centuries of elaborate jewelry, ornate weaponry, fascinating artwork, royal costumes and photographs will be on display. Maharaja is the first exhibition of its kind to delve into these kings’ unique culture. The museum’s South Asian and European decorative arts collections further illustrate the rich artistic tradition of this era.”

The exhibition spans from the deteriorating power of the Mughal Empire in the 18th century, which ruled for about 200 years, through the modern age of the 19th century to the eve of India and Pakistan’s independence in 1947. Visitors will learn of tumultuous power shift, economic strife and success, and their struggles with British hegemony.

Exhibition highlights include the Royal Procession, which illustrates how royalty traveled its domain, usually atop an elephant on an elaborate and beautifully crafted saddle. Visitors will also get to view a throne once owned by Ranjit Singh, the most powerful of the Sikh maharajas. The elegance of the throne is truly a testament to the magnificence of his reign. The VMFA also happens to possess one the first collections of Indian art in the country, with over 300 objects to complement the Maharajas exhibit.

As usual, Maury Place encourages its guests to really connect with the city of Richmond and one of the most beautiful things the city has to offer is the VMFA. Guests who attend the exhibit will receive 10% off one night’s stay at Maury Place as a token of gratitude for your enthusiasm for Richmond and its institutions.

Mac Pence and Jeff Wells
your Richmond Virginia Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers at Maury Place at Monument