Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Virginia State Capitol Makes List of "10 Buildings that Changed America"

The Virginia State Capitol is ready for its close-up!  Thomas Jefferson's Classical Revival style design has been selected as one of ten influential buildings in America to be featured in a national television special slated to air on PBS early next year. Geoffrey Baer, the host of "10 Buildings That Changed America," commented that "the Virginia State Capitol really started the tradition in this country of government buildings looking like Roman and Greek temples." He and his producer filmed around the Capitol and collected footage of Monticello and the University of Virginia, also examples of Jefferson's architectural work.  The crew filmed key elements of the Capitol, including its rotunda and a feature that gives a glimpse behind one of the walls to the building's skeleton.

The State Capitol--home to the oldest continuous, English-speaking lawmaking body in the New World--has influenced scores of other buildings, from the United States Capitol to banks across the country.  The capitol was first occupied in 1788.  Thomas Jefferson modeled his design on the Maison Carree, a first century Roman temple in Nimes, France.

Free tours of the Virginia State Capitol are available daily, and the Capitol is just a short drive from Maury Place at Monument.

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