Thursday, June 7, 2012

Banner Lectures At the Virginia Historical Society This Summer!

One of the great things about the Virginia Historical Society are the Banner Lectures they host throughout the year. The Banner Lectures provide in-depth explorations of varying historical figures and events. This summer, we encourage guests and members of the community to take in a lecture at the VHS. Here is a list of upcoming lectures:

The US Marines at Belleau Wood, 1918-Thursday June 14 at noon

Patrick Mooney will guide us on a journey of discussion about the bloodiest battle American soldiers had faced since the Civil War. The Battle at Belleau Wood demonstrated the American Expeditionary Force's tenacity and perseverance when it came to stifling the German offensive against the Russians and turning the tide of the war.

The Civil War at a Crossroads: The Seven Days-Tuesday June 19 at 5:30pm

This lecture tells the story of a Virginia split in two by advancing Union forces and defending Confederate armies in the spring of 1862. Edward L. Ayers will present the two sides in conflict and the impact the atmosphere of war had on Virginia civilians.

John Randolph of Roanoke- Thursday June 28 at noon

A biographical lecture on the momentous life of the father of Southern conservatism details this Virginia Congressman's tenure as well as public feuds and disputes with every president from John Adams to Andrew Jackson. David Johnson will speak on the life of John Randolph of Roanoke and his exploits as a politician and pioneer in defense of Southern agrarian culture.

More Important than Gettysburg- Wednesday July 11 at 5:30 pm

The end of the Civil has sparked controversy and debate on almost all levels of social, politcal, ethical, and economical factors contributing to the "turning point" of the war. Dr. Gary W. Gallagher will demonstrate key moments in the war that may have actually been the real events which ultimately led to the North's victories.

The Queen and the USA: Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee in America- Thursday July 16 at noon

The Queen of England has always been a figure of respect in the United States, despite the fact that independence from Great Britain was a long and brutal conflict. On her three visits to the Commonwealth of Virginia, she has been greeted with deal of honor and respect by American citizens. With illustrations from his new book The Queen and the USA H. Edward Mann will demonstrate the special relationship between the Queen of England and the United States and especially Virginia.

Edward Coles: Crusade Against Slavery- Thursday August 2 at noon

This lecture will focus on the efforts of a wealthy tobacco plantation owner to end slavery in the United States. Edward Coles inherited his family's successful plantation and decided to free his slaves and offer them 160 acres of land each. Some continued to work for Coles but as wage earning individuals, others sought work elsewhere. Coles stands among few who were willing to try this bold maneuver. Bruce G. Carveth will describe the remarkable life of a man who stood his ground against slavery.

Thats it for the lecture series this summer. Hope you can make it to some of them!

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